Animal-themed Pool Toys

great floats and pool toys based on fish, sharks, peacocks and more

When the weather starts to warm up, it’s time to pull the cover off the pool, clean it out and fill it up! It’ll provide countless hours of wet fun all through the summer. But sometimes you just want to add something to make all the splashing and relaxing a bit more fun. So we … Read more

Bald Eagle US Patriotic Gear

a collection of great ideas with bald eagles for patriotic holidays

In the United States, summer unofficially starts and ends with patriotic holidays with a couple more – including Independence Day – tucked in the middle. They’re great times to celerbbate with friends and family and show appreciation for what the country means for all its citizens. The bald eagle is, of course, a national symbol … Read more

Easter Egg Toys

best plastic easter egg toys for egg hunts or easter baskets

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? It’s a timeless question. But when you’re getting ready for Easter, you’ll likely be looking for some kind of eggs to help with your decorating. Sure, you’ll say, eggs aren’t really an animal. But that animal is ready to pop out! And in some of our favorite … Read more

Easter Chicks

cute easter decorations of chicks

Breaking out of their eggs and peeping new life, chicks have become one of the central symbols of Easter. The fluffy little yellow creatures may make a mess, but they’re always a welcome site this time of year! We definitely don’t encourage making live chicks an Easter gift (unless you’re already raising chickens), there’s nothing … Read more

Easter Bunnies!

Hippity hop, hippity hop, Easter’s on its way! And with it comes reminders to break out the bunny decorations that have become so associated with this holiday. The reproductive habits of rabbits are well-known and became a fitting symbol of spring as well as the Christian celebration of Easter. They’re all about new life – … Read more

Animal Throw Pillow Covers

animal throw pillow covers

Enjoying animals can be a very relaxing way to pass the time. They may be pets or we could see them in a zoo or in the wild. Even just seeing them on TV helps us to calm our minds. Remember the aquarium screen savers? They were awesome, weren’t they! Another key point of relaxation … Read more

Giraffe Stuffed Animals

giraffe plushies

Most often, it seems that we think of little cuddly things as cute and big animals as intimidating. But giraffes definitely go against that form of thinking (ok, rats do too – but let’s not talk about THEM!). Giraffes are one of the animals we’re attracted to the most. Is that because of their strange, … Read more

Bear-ly Ready for Valentine’s Day

valentines day bears

With February 14th right around the corner, it’s time to at least starting thinking about great Valentine’s gifts to surprise your special someone. Cuddly bears have become associated with the day and even if you’ve used this idea in the past, there are so many great options that will sshow your love in unique ways. … Read more

2018 Top Toy Animals

best animal toys of 2018

As the year draws to a close, it’s always good to look back to see where we’ve been and where we might be going. That can be said of just about anything, but it’s true for our speciality for sure. Here we look at some of the top animal toys of 2018. It was a … Read more

Bears on Bed Linens!

sheets, spreads and duvets with bears

Just looking at a bear, we start wondering how it can manage to stay warm in the harsh winter weather. Not only polar bears but also many others inhabit regions that may have their warm periods, but definitely get downright chilly as well. And yet they seem unaffected! So the whole idea of bedlinens that … Read more