Animal Throw Pillow Covers

animal throw pillow covers

Enjoying animals can be a very relaxing way to pass the time. They may be pets or we could see them in a zoo or in the wild. Even just seeing them on TV helps us to calm our minds. Remember the aquarium screen savers? They were awesome, weren’t they! Another key point of relaxation … Read more

Giraffe Stuffed Animals

giraffe plushies

Most often, it seems that we think of little cuddly things as cute and big animals as intimidating. But giraffes definitely go against that form of thinking (ok, rats do too – but let’s not talk about THEM!). Giraffes are one of the animals we’re attracted to the most. Is that because of their strange, … Read more

Bear-ly Ready for Valentine’s Day

valentines day bears

With February 14th right around the corner, it’s time to at least starting thinking about great Valentine’s gifts to surprise your special someone. Cuddly bears have become associated with the day and even if you’ve used this idea in the past, there are so many great options that will sshow your love in unique ways. … Read more

2018 Top Toy Animals

best animal toys of 2018

As the year draws to a close, it’s always good to look back to see where we’ve been and where we might be going. That can be said of just about anything, but it’s true for our speciality for sure. Here we look at some of the top animal toys of 2018. It was a … Read more

Bears on Bed Linens!

sheets, spreads and duvets with bears

Just looking at a bear, we start wondering how it can manage to stay warm in the harsh winter weather. Not only polar bears but also many others inhabit regions that may have their warm periods, but definitely get downright chilly as well. And yet they seem unaffected! So the whole idea of bedlinens that … Read more

Love Birds for Valentine’s Day

valentine's day birds

Love, and expressions of love, should never be limited to just one day. Still, February 14th has long been celebrated with expressions of affection. It’s a chance to show off your romantic side and share with your partner. Candy and flowers are often associated with the day, but so are the wonderful animal relationships we … Read more

Disney Animal Christmas Ornaments

reviews of great disney christmas ornaments

There are wild animals and there are domestic animals. But some of the animals that have won our hearts and become enduring parts of our cultures are, in fact, animated. And no one can compete with the longevity and success of Disney. From Mickey and Minnie to Winnie the Pooh, from Dumbo to Simba, animals … Read more

Baby Bath Towels with Pretty Ducks

baby towels with ducks

We don’t know where or when the connection of ducks with bath time began, but it’s become very much a part of culture. Sesame Street’s Ernie definitely helped the sale of rubber duckies, but all kinds of duck-themed merchandise has found its way to the bathroom over the years. Among the cutest – and most … Read more

Cuddly Lion Stuffed Toys

plush lion stuffed toys

Looking for a fierce protector and friend to cuddle up with? The King of the Jungle – at least in his stuffed animal form – makea a great stuffed toy! The noble appearance of the lion makes it immediately recognizable, respected and loved. Children and adults both see it as an attractive creature. It’s popular … Read more

Zebra Wall Art, Pictures and Wall Hangings

pictures of zebras

Most things in life can’t simply be reduced to a binary system . there are few things that are just black and white. But in the animal kingdom, there are at least a few examples where things really are that simple. And in the case of those creatures that simply feature these two basic colors, … Read more