Amazing Cat Coffee Mugs and Cups

Your cat might be curling around your legs at the kitchen table, or it may disappear all day and you only see it when you start the can opener. But you know it loves you and you love it.

These delightful coffee mugs features will help you get your day started with a smile. And fantastic when you sit down to read or watch TV in the evening with your furry friend curled up in your lap.

Proudly show off your love for your feline friend at home or in the office! These mugs will be the envy of all who see them.

“Catffeine” Stoneware Mug, 16 oz.

Catffeinated cat-themed coffee mug


Is caffeine your catnip? This bright mug just adds to the get up and go you feel when you start your day with a hot, freshly-brewed cup. One side says “Catffeinated” (pictured) while the other says “Decaft”, with the cat curled up in a ball sleeping.

This 16 oz. mug definitely holds enough to get you off to a great start. Made of stoneware, it’s both dishwasher and microwave safe.

Teagas Cat Coffee Mugs 

cat mugs with spoons set


Such a cute set of mugs with whiskers and all! One black and one white mug, each equally cute. And the set includes two coffee spoons with matching ceramic cat-face pieces on the ends.

These semi-handmade mugs even feature ears molded into the mug itself rather than painted on.

Holding nearly 12 ounces, this set is great as a gift for another cat lover or couple, or for yourself and your significant other that both adore your felines. Or just enjoy them yourself, picking a color based on your mood (or which one is clean!)

The mugs are made of a solid ceramic and have a large, easy-to-grasp handle.

Surprise Cat Coffee Mug with Baby Cat Inside

surprise cat coffee mug

Struggle to find your cat at times? There’s one hidden at the bottom of your mug! Getting to the bottom of your java will reveal a fantastically cute kitten staring happily up at you. On the outside, the mug simply says “Meow”

Made of dolomite, this mug is dishwasher safe.

Doublewhale Cat Mug with Lid and Spoon

cat mug with lid

Available with a couple different images of cats, this mug will be appreciated by any cat and coffee lover!

This ceramic mug is dishwasher safe and holds 12 ounces. The wooden lid helps keep your drink warm, and it has a slot designed for the included spoon.

It’s made of ceramic and is microwave safe and contains no toxic chemicals or heavy metals.

The spoon is over 5.5 inches long, a full inch longer than the cup is deep. That means you won’t have to worry about the spoon slipping inside!

Kitty Cat Mug

kitty cat mug

This is just too good to be true! You’ll love this awesome coffee cup where the handle looks like a cat’s tail and the ears are shaped out of ceramic and are painted pink on the inside. It really looks like a perfectly happy kitten all ready to play!

Wrapping It Up

Celebrate your love for your cats and cats in general with a great coffee mug! It’ll be a great tribute to your pet and a fanciful way to sip your drink. There’s so many cute and comical options and we’ve just presented a few of our favorites here![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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