Decorative Pillows Featuring Fish

Under the sea swim some of the most beautiful creatures! Whether freshwater or saltwater, we love to look at fish. Having an aquarium in the home is extremely relaxing, as is strolling through an aquarium.

Bringing that piscine looking into the living area is easy. There’s so many great options for it!

Decorative or throw pillows are a fantastic way to add some color and a theme to any room. And they’re the perfect size for featuring our friends from underwater.

Here are some of our favorite decorative pillows featuring fish!

Famibay Decorative Pillow Cover Ocean Park Theme

famibay ocean park fish pillow caseThis cotton and linen mix pillow cover offers bright red and blue fish with a great background imitating the flow of water. Just slip it on your pillow filling and your ready to enjoy!

Like most covers, this one measures 18 inches by 18 inches. The zipper – included the end – is designed to stay out of sight so it doesn’t detract from the look of the cover. Some people note that the colors are actually more vibrant than the picture. The material is considered to have a burlap-type feel.

Note that the image is only on one side of the case.

All Smiles Ocean Fish Throw Pillow Cover Case

all smiles ocean fish pillow coverThis case meaures 18″ x 18″. It has kind of a classic feel – perhaps reminiscent of older scientific drawings. The background is tan but there is indecipherable script at the top, the way old biology drawings were done. The lines in the background look like seaweed, and the fish have a “painted” look.

This polyester-cotton-linen blend is digitally printed on the front and has a solid color on the back, so you can easily turn them around for a different look. The zipper is hidden.

A variety of images is available as well – both with a marine theme and without. Images range from scallop shells to panda bears, so you can easily purchase a wide variety for different rooms or for occasional changes!

oFloral Tropical Fish C Pillow Cover

ofloral tropical fish pillowPictured is just one of 30 beautiful pillow covers of marine life and related themes. This 18″ x 18″ cover is a 50-50 cotton-poly blend is durable and lightweight.

The image in this series is printed on both sides.

If you’re an aquarist or just a fan of marine life, you’ll love this angelfish and the other available images.

These are machine washable and the maker claims the colors won’t run. One common issue though is that the material blend does make these suitable only for decorative purposes. They have a very slick feel – one person even compared them to an umbrella.

Decorbox Decorative Fashion Throw Pillow Case

decorbox cotton linen pillow caseFive beautiful fish swim across this pillowcase, and will surely bring color and joy to your living room or wherever you’d like to use it!

The cover measures the standard 18″ x 18″ but is also available in 16″ x 16″ and 20″ x 20″. It has a hidden zipper and is made of durable cotton linen cloth. The background is a light beige; most people say it is lighter than it appears in the image.

It is a durable, tough material and definitely intended for decorative use, and not for comfort.

Cesttee Decorative Pillow Cover

cesttee decorative 18 by 18 pillow cover marine lifeThis brightly covered pillow cover shows life above and below the water, with a fish looking up and a bird looking down with water lilies floating on the surface. A map also covers part of the design. Numerous other designs are also available.

This cotton-linen blend is great for decorative use, but not exactly comfortable for use as a pillow. The zipper is hidden to help keep the focus on the design.

The design is only on one side.

Wrapping It Up

Decorative pillow colors can add charm to your room. If you love fish and bright colors, going with fish-themed covers will bring life and personality to whatever living space you use them in. Give it a try, mix and match and have fun spicing up your room!

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